tour to india-gulabari comilla border

Hope you all had a great holiday weekend on last Eid Ul-fitr Sept-2010. I had also some nice time on that eid vacation. After my company dropndot startup It was my second tour on outside of this busy city Dhaka. I am currently same where as office and home in Dhaka because it’s my office as well as home, Office time from 10:00AM to 10:00PM and relaxing time 10:00PM to 10:00AM both you can call in office or home πŸ™‚

Last ΒΎ months I was too much busy on work So that feeling needs on some peaceful relaxing tour to my home town Comilla, study town Sylhet or anywhere which are supposed as tour location on Bangladesh.

On last eid vacation I wanted to do something really relaxing with tour. So tried to go on some tour spot which are really different then daily life around me. On 1st day of Eid I went to the border of Bangladesh called Sawlpur, Gulabari Comilla near India border with Bangladesh. As transport vehicle I used my first motor bike, there was a friend with me from my home village. On this trip I was stuck on bangladesh BDR camp on Gulabari, 2 BRD Jowan said that, it’s too much risky to go ahead from here, so it is officially restricted from here. After hearing that we decide to change our road and used Sawlpur Bazar.

To go on India border from Bangladesh I think on every side there are a lot of ways you have but which are not actually well structured anyway. I parked my bike to a known brother on Sawlpur bazaar. Then start walking forward to India border. It was really nice to see the Indian villagers beside bangladesh, they are not well established πŸ™‚ just working for food may be! There are some of spot where Indian BSF Jowan staying with arms πŸ™‚ I visited a Indian pineapple garden hill, It’s really looking nice. I enjoyed it. It was rainy day so we can not move a lot around this area, Also some places are too much restricted which you know from below shared some photos. After all finally It was really something relaxing and I like this kinds of tour as part time mind refreshing events πŸ™‚

Photo shots on this tour events

India Gulabari border
Photo shot on Gulabari border
Abu Hanif
My friend Abu Hanif and this is the home in which we stayed on rainy time πŸ™‚
BDR Notice
BDR Notice about Indian border
Indian pineapple garden
Indian pineapple garden

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