codeigniter framework for web apps development

There are a couple of web application development open source php framework. For example Cakephp, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, Prado etc also you can visit for others. To develop a MVC structured well organized LAMP based application which open source framework you will choose? Which one is lightweight, less time required, secured, rich community and well documented?
Recently I wrote a post on to know what frameworks are most favorites to developers world wide. The post link is you can take a review. It seems most of the web developers like codeigniter as standard framework. Yes it’s me also :0 But last 1 years I was using cakephp in fact for dropndot cms which are currently under development on dropndot are using cakephp also. Before moving on development based on any framework I thought Codeigniter is for small application and very easy to use and not much rich community like Cakephp. That was the only reason to use it.

To decide which framework you can choose I think you can select codeigniter or cakephp without any doubt. You may choose Symfony or Zend which will depend on your experience I think. If you are quick learner then Zend and Symfony will be perfect for you infact those are not lightweight like cake or CI. To choose codeigniter or cakephp no need to wait a long for experience, you can start it now if you are beginner or experienced! just you need the basic concept on php with OOP.

Finally yes I wish to move myself on codeigniter to take the test how’s it on cooking php application.

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