dropnwish, a facebook wishlist application

If you have a list of wishes which you want to share with your friends or other facebook user then you are quietly invited on dropnwish facebook application to use it. This application is very easy to use for it’s nice usability. Using this application you can browse all of your friends and other facebook users wishes who are on dropnwish and you can find what kinds a wish would be from different peoples wishes.

it’s developed under dropnot limited recently by me. currently it’s on version 1.0 beta with listing add/edit/delete management, listing sharing on facebook, listing discussion, facebook like management etc. within next few day there will be another version with some cool features also. so keep in touch!
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using google web fonts

Recently google started a new web font service with a list of nice fonts. There are a lots of opensource fonts on google own server which all you can use on your website. It’s pretty simple to use and works on most web browsers. Here you can see how to use those fonts for your website.

To see the list of font visit on http://code.google.com/webfonts

There are all resources with list of fonts, how to use, web fonts api documentations etc

Basic use of google font api (2 steps) –

Step1: On html page head add a stylesheet link to request the desired web font(s)

Step2: Set font family with the requested web font, either in a stylesheet or inline style on the element itself


Your text

More use of google font api –
If you want to use multiple web font you need to request multiple font families, separate the names with a pipe character (|) on stylesheet link url.
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page scraping on php

if you are looking for page scraping help on php you can use below mentioned 2 function to fetch a web page then parse it as you wish. It’s using php curl extension and some string processing functions. Before start using it you need to enable the php_curl extension first then follow the below steps.

Getting a full webpage content:

< ?php
$pageUrl = 'http://maps.google.com';
$pageHtmlContent = getPage($pageUrl);

Parsing a page html content:

< ?php
$subHtmlContent =  getValueByTagName($pageHtmlContent, '
', ''); ?>

Then you can now process the rest of content as you need. Above mentioned getPage and getValueByTagName functions are defined below you need to include them on you php page to use it.
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