Basics of a complete professional software in development

When you are on the way of a professional software development with any programming language, there are some primary things you need to keep in touch while development.


  1. When or why a software is needed in a factory or company?
  2. Why any factory level company or a general company will agree to use your software instead of maintaining their company by the current procedure?
  3. What is the security of your software?
  4. What is the extra benefit to use a computer software?
There are a lot of question will come from a client end when you propose to use a computer software, you know.
To keep some perfect answer against above listed questions and upcoming question from the client, there are a lot of solution or features should have to be available in a professional software included.

So the list of things are mentioned below, all those basics we will keep in mind when or before our development or coding will start!

  1. Need to do some requirement analysis.
  2. Designing a database according to the analysis.
  3. Designing a software interface with color, image and layout.
  4. Should have a login prompt before starting the software Dashborad.
  5. Software back-end database should have to be password protected! – For security purpose.
  6. On software interface there would be a uses navigation on top or left or anywhere if required.
  7. If required there would have a Menu bar from the top left corner.
  8. There can be a status bar at the bottom left of the software interface.
  9. If required on maximum features would have report printing and search button.
  10. All the features should have to highly optimized uses to reduce user input – So, use a user input on different ways as you can on a normalized way.
  11. There can a support or about developer or company page link on the software – For future support or updates.
  12. There can be a manual for software user as a guide.

Those above listed all basic things or issues we will keep in mind when our development or implementation will start.

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