Become AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level

AWS Certified Developer Associate

As a software engineer I’ve been working on Web Application development career for around 10+ years, so it’s been above a decade!!

On this long career I’ve been working with AWS platform for a lot of applications and also currently managing a couple of AWS root / non-root admin account as a developer.

I was never concerned about any certification related to my career but recently I’ve found it’s really imported to get certified from some internationally popular vendors like AWS, Google, Zend etc. and In the meantime I’ve found one of my peer Shudarshon Chaki who is very keen on getting certified like Linux, AWS etc. I was inspired from him and started studying for AWS Associate Level Developer certification from may be Mar / Apr, 2018 and finally got the badge on Nov, 2018.

It’s first time I’ve received a proof of my work knowledge on any platform, the feeling is really awesome, this actually boosted up my confidence level. Now a days I am planning to start for other certifications like Solution Architect, Docker, Scrum etc certification and Expecting to own at least on within 2019.

How you can get prepared for AWS certification?

If you want to get it I will advice you to have your own AWS account mostly the trial one for one year, read Whitepapers and FAQ of AWS services. And also follow depend on some video courses provided by LinuxAcademy or A Cloud Guru. While study for certification don’t move forward fast instead try to learn the concepts, advantages, disadvantages and limitations of a feature.

Make some notes of your learning, after a few days of your study take a break for at least one week and then start again, by this way you will find yourself efficient and continuous learning without any break will make you get boring and demotivated 😦

Also another thing, focus on the syllabus – the subjects / topics of your certification. AWS is a really huge platform, otherwise you will lost yourself! After atleast 3/4 months of study I will advice you to purchase the invoice for exam and finish it within a week!

That’s it for now, If you have any specific query you can put a comment here, I will try to reply you best. Thanks for reading.

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