Yes finally it’s been a Month!

It was 29th Mar, 2019 7:30 AM when I arrived in Munich International Airport for first time also it was first arrival ever in my life somewhere else from my home country Bangladesh. It was a flight with Singapore Airlines, previously I had no experience of any airlines services, I choose this only for 2 reason, first one is 30% around discounted ticket and another is to see the world most beautiful Changi Airport Singapore. That costs me 23 hours of journey where if I choose some others then the usual flight duration could be only 14 hours!

The first day here in Einsteinstraße München, was a bit learning and knowing each stuffs. Whatever I see and noticed almost everything is new! Faisal Ibrahim one of my ex-colleague from Aan-Nahl Software Limited he came here in this city 15 days before my arrival. and on the first day he came to visit me in my apartment. That was really helpful for me, Thanks Faisal bro again. Still now when I am writing this article I am waiting for you 🙂 to have a Khuchuri lunch together!

I leave my home village on 2001 right after my S.S.C exam. It’s around 18 years now, but it was in same country and just a division distance, and now this case it’s another Country and it’s around 7,287 km distance!! So it’s not possible for me to move anytime I want!

While I was in my home country I had really a Luxurious, Easy and Family life. As a Senior Software Engineer with 12+ years of experience it was really easy for me to live in any standard. On top of everything the only issue I was facing the security of my and my family, however Alhamdulillah Allah gave me a chance to change it, that’s why I am here to find a secured and healthy life.

Yeah, I always find myself a bit introvert, even when I was in my home country. I don’t talk first, I don’t make friends first but I look for, whenever I find it’s good to go with I do it. Though it’s a bit time consuming and in some cases I find the other person already started thinking negative about me.

Here in Munich, for at least first 15 days I was feeling too much home sick, too much alone 🙂 It’s not only me, was feeling it’s everyone alone here. They only talk whenever it’s required, they walk whenever there is a reason, they start talking to the point, with no introduction of anything. I was feeling like no this is not for me, this culture is not for me, I didn’t find any reason why I am here.

To find a solution I started talking a lot of my friends who already abroad for a longer time and family members. Everyone was saying like at-least stay for a couple of months so that you know if it is really what you are feeling now. Otherwise you might find guilty when you back here. Then later performed 2 time Istikharah salah and In a result I settled my mind to stay here  Now, it’s all easy for me. The things I was feeling not for my first few days now I find it’s for me 🙂

Now, I am enjoying staying here, now I can move around without any help. Also found a couple of Asian shops which all are full of Asian foods and stuff. It’s already been a month, expecting to visit my home within next 4/5 months.

Thanks for reading!

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