About Me

Juyal Ahmed – Web and Mobile Apps Developer based on Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been working on this Web Apps Development industry for 9+ years. A highly resourceful, innovative, and competent Web and Mobile Apps Developer with extensive experience in core php and front-end development based on couple of most popular technologies and frameworks.

Offering website, online store or web application development based on Laravel, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, WordPress (+/- WooCommerce), Joomla (+/- Virtuemart), Loaded Commerce, Zen-Cart, Magento, HandShake, Ruby on Rails, Any API development and integration, Angular.js, Node.js, Backbone.js, Polymer.js, SOAP, XML-RPC and RESTful Web Services etc.

If you found me here then you are another lucky one who are going the get a well coded highest standard service! Check your website is it well furnished or not, if not you can hire me I will bring it on a upper level of quality and furnished one.

I can help you to do business with all major Payment API Integration like:
1. Paypal
2. Google
3. Authorized.net
4. Moneybookers
5. Beanstream with Verified by Visa (VBV) and Secure Code (SC) Service.
6. Bluepay
7. Stripe with Recycle billing or Subscription.

I can help you with web scraping:
1. Web Data Scraping (Can also scrape data with HTML tags)
2. Email Extraction
3. Image Scraping (Can also organize them by renaming and moving to folders)
4. DOM / Regular Expression (RegEx)
5. In-Script Data Filtering (Using HTML Attributes and Texts)
6. Wide range of output format (Excel, CSV, XML, PDF, MySQL, Array, JSON)
7. Scrap data from different websites via cURL / gCurl / CasperJS / PhantomJS / SlimerJS.
8. Scrap data using Curl Cookies, Multicurl, Curl HTTP Headers, POST fields etc.

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