checking and unchecking multiple checkbox using jquery on datagrid

If you are working with any form or datagrid on which you want to list/display a set of data. Then may be sometimes you need to use multiple checkbox checking and unchecking features with a single checkbox check and uncheck in a form. You can do it easily with jQuery in 2 steps… Step1: GiveContinue reading “checking and unchecking multiple checkbox using jquery on datagrid”

virtuemart add to cart popup style sheet

On virtuemart shopping cart joomla component add to cart popup normally used to show virtuemart system error, info, warning, tips etc message. This popup is build by javascript code in components/com_virtuemart/js/mootools/mooPrompt.js file. The generated html code looks as below Notice Success Info: The product quantity has been updated. To modify it’s stylesheet you can use

article title to url slug with cakephp

If you are using cakephp framework for your web application development. Sometimes you need to create SEO friendly url slug from your article / post / page / news etc title. If a article title is “Article title to url slug with cakephp” then your SEO friendly url slug supposed to be “article-title-to-url-slug-with-cakephp” To createContinue reading “article title to url slug with cakephp”

dropnwish, a facebook wishlist application

If you have a list of wishes which you want to share with your friends or other facebook user then you are quietly invited on dropnwish facebook application to use it. This application is very easy to use for it’s nice usability. Using this application you can browse all of your friends and other facebookContinue reading “dropnwish, a facebook wishlist application”

installing ImageMagick on windows with wamp

After wamp installation on windows ImageMagick extension is not installed by default. Installing ImageMagick on windows with wamp is quite simple like other extension installation. To install ImageMagick on windows follow below listed 7 steps Step 1: go to and download latest version of imagemagick windows-dll.exe Step 2: download php_imagick.dll from Step 3:Continue reading “installing ImageMagick on windows with wamp”

codeigniter framework for web apps development

There are a couple of web application development open source php framework. For example Cakephp, Codeigniter, Zend, Symfony, Kohana, Prado etc also you can visit for others. To develop a MVC structured well organized LAMP based application which open source framework you will choose? Which one is lightweight, less time required, secured, rich communityContinue reading “codeigniter framework for web apps development”