google Maps JavaScript API By Example

Below written code is a example of google map api which you can find from google when you sign up for google map. Using your site url and also there are a key that’s are valid only for your given link or site. Hope your script running nice But one things! You may confused! <code>Continue reading “google Maps JavaScript API By Example”

other to FLV file conversion in PHP

Hi It’s really painful to convert any extension of video file to flv which is really lightweight for video playing on web, If you are not using HTML 5 yet may be you are in that painful situation where I was 🙂 BTW using this below written php code any one can convert any videoContinue reading “other to FLV file conversion in PHP”

tiny_mce ibrowser setting

Sometime tiny_mce plugins ibrowser does not work properly in live server. Common cause is for wrong ibrowser settings like path settings and chmod 777 or 755 change I want to write some settings for tiny_mce ibrowser it will help everyone who trying to use ibrowser in tiny_mce. Option : 1) if you are working withContinue reading “tiny_mce ibrowser setting”

what is Database Index in MySql?

If in a Database Table there are no index exist like primary or unique key then when you write a query for search anything from this table of course the search time cost will higher then when you use index in this table. Cause in without index table the search perform must in entire tableContinue reading “what is Database Index in MySql?”