Installing and Configuring AWS CLI and Kubernetes KubeCTL CLI on Windows

In Cloud Computing industry we can say AWS is one of the most popular among others for the benefits it provides. Kubernetes is a software for deploying, scaling and managing docker based containerized applications and it is open source. Now a days Kubernetes is getting more popular in web application development DevOps culture of it’sContinue reading “Installing and Configuring AWS CLI and Kubernetes KubeCTL CLI on Windows”

Become AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level

As a software engineer I’ve been working on Web Application development career for around 10+ years, so it’s been above a decade!! On this long career I’ve been working with AWS platform for a lot of applications and also currently managing a couple of AWS root / non-root admin account as a developer. I wasContinue reading “Become AWS Certified Developer – Associate Level”