Running docker containerized App from Local Image

Recently I was in a problem with setting up an application to another machine, which was perfectly okay on my machine. It was a Laravel application using docker. So when I tried to run that app on other machine I was receiving connection refused from registry server because that app database image was hosted onContinue reading “Running docker containerized App from Local Image”

Installing and Configuring AWS CLI and Kubernetes KubeCTL CLI on Windows

In Cloud Computing industry we can say AWS is one of the most popular among others for the benefits it provides. Kubernetes is a software for deploying, scaling and managing docker based containerized applications and it is open source. Now a days Kubernetes is getting more popular in web application development DevOps culture of it’sContinue reading “Installing and Configuring AWS CLI and Kubernetes KubeCTL CLI on Windows”

How to use Custom Network Interface on Windows

If you have some official application hosted on some private server and can be only accessed from office network, you will not be able to install VPN on your machine, because it will by default pass all the traffic through it’s own network interface. Here I will describe how to setup network traffic to useContinue reading “How to use Custom Network Interface on Windows”

Install WordPress via WP-CLI

If you are a bash lover I wish you will find WP-CLI is the best approach to install WordPress for your project. WP-CLI provides a command-line interface for many actions you might perform in the WordPress admin where doing those same thing via WP-Admin will cost you some extra time. To install WP-CLI on yourContinue reading “Install WordPress via WP-CLI”

This is how I make my Development Environment Ready!

Each Time I start with a fresh Linux Ubuntu distro I faced a lot of software installation and configuration is repeating because you know we software engineers are preferred to use only those applications which is we are used to. That’s why to get my machine fully armed from a fresh start for web applicationContinue reading “This is how I make my Development Environment Ready!”