Contact form 7 nice css3 styles

If you are using wordpress and for contact form Contact us 7 plugins then you can use below css3 codes to make that contact form 7 css looks nicer then default one! /*Contact Form 7 CSS Support*/ span.wpcf7-not-valid-tip{display: none !important; } div.wpcf7 .wpcf7-not-valid{ border: 1px solid #F00; margin: 0; } div.wpcf7-validation-errors{ -webkit-box-sizing: border-box; /* Safari/Chrome,Continue reading “Contact form 7 nice css3 styles”

Unique Page Sidebars Is not working

While working on wordpress to develop any website you may need to create dynamic sidebar for different pages, custom post type. You can use Unique Page Sidebar wordpress plugins from wordpress plugins repository for free. It works for perfectly on default wordpress single page also on different archive pages. For custom post type if youContinue reading “Unique Page Sidebars Is not working”

dd simple photo gallery version 1.1 has been released

Finally the dd simple photo gallery version 1.1 has been released. I tried to make it more easy to use that’s why I have removed the timthumb image resizing on the fly which required some server manual settings. dd simple photo gallery version 1.1 features: 1. added around 40 different effects on photo sliding 2. aboveContinue reading “dd simple photo gallery version 1.1 has been released”

dd simple photo gallery wordpress plugin

It is to introduce my recently developed wordpress simple photo gallery plugins. If you are maintaining a wordpress enabled website, If you are searching for a photo gallery which is simple to use, simple to modify to developer and simple in looks then you are quitely invited to use this “dd simple photo gallery”. FromContinue reading “dd simple photo gallery wordpress plugin”