dd simple photo gallery wordpress plugin

It is to introduce my recently developed wordpress simple photo gallery plugins. If you are maintaining a wordpress enabled website, If you are searching for a photo gallery which is simple to use, simple to modify to developer and simple in looks then you are quitely invited to use this “dd simple photo gallery”.
From the begining of the release version 1.0 of this wordpress plugins I got a lot of thanks giving email and bug report. Some of discussion already available on this plugins home page http://www.dropndot.com/blog/wordpress/dd-simple-photo-gallery-wordpress-plugin/

You can download it from wordpess extension directory here http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/dd-simple-photo-gallery/ to know more about this you can review the discussion on http://www.dropndot.com/blog/wordpress/dd-simple-photo-gallery-wordpress-plugin/

dd simple photo gallery in action!
[DDSPG_Gallery id=”1″]

So after working a lot, after hearing a lot, after fixing a lot now you can say it is a stable release 1.0

You can use this plugins on your wordpress enabled website or blogs, The version of your site may be 3.1.3 or 3.2 all are suitable for it. I already checked for the wordpress latest version 3.2 and it seems its working fine.

3 thoughts on “dd simple photo gallery wordpress plugin

  1. Could you please tell me why I can only get 3 photos to show up on my gallery? Is there a limit to the pictures that can be in the galleries? If not, what am I doing wrong that I can only get 3 pics in my galleries.
    Thank you
    Rita Ham


  2. Hi, I am trying to use this plugin and have uploaded 15 photos, all RGB and all the same size. Only 11 or 12 are showing up. Any idea why?


  3. Hi there,

    I really like the simple look of your gallery and have used it once on my blog. However, when I try and publish more posts using the DD Simple Gallery they don’t seem to work. Only the thumbnails appear and the description is pulled from the first gallery. Is this bug easy to fix?

    Many thanks


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