Become a Amazing Contributors of TitanFramework!

I’ve been working with WordPress a most popular free and open-source content management system based on PHP & MySQL since 2008. As a senior software engineer I find one this CMS is the best to build simple dynamic websites for my freelance and official small to medium scale projects.

From the beginning I started creating WordPress theme from scratch or building child theme and plugin for it. But then I moved to like marketplaces to sell my developed premium WordPress theme and plugins I’ve found this TitanFramework is the most suitable starter framework for WordPress.

After a couple of theme and plugins development I become a fan of this Framework only for it’s simplicity of developer friendly API. Though that time it was still growing and I planned to contribute a couple of features. The first contribution was about image gallery input API and add more and drop and drop sorting. Also added some other commits. Finally somehow the core team approved my pull requested!

And this is second time my contribution was approved on open source community via Github. The feeling of code contribution pull request accepted is really amazing and on top of that published your photo on any well known website related to your career is something top of everything!!!

If you are WordPress developer I will expect you to try TitanFramework I hope you will fall in love with this!

Thanks for reading.

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